WP1 – Definition of specifications

  • Blueship requirements
  • Blueship specifications and layout

WP2 – Synthesis and fabrication of catalyst fibers

  • Best performing fiber morphology
  • Preliminary results of catalysis character
  • Effect of fiber orientation on the catalytic performances
  • Optimal fiber definition and results of catalytic characterization

WP3 – Modeling and design of Electrospun SCR unit

  • Fluid dynamics and parametric model of the reactor
  • Design of the ES-SCR

WP4 – Implementation of the ES-SCR unit

  • Optimized electrospinning equipment
  • Characterization of fibers produced with large scale of ES equipment
  • Blueship ES-SCR prototype

WP5 – Testing and technology evaluation

  • Results of field tests
  • Technical economical evaluation and application framework

WP6 – Exploitation, dissemination and training

  • Web site
  • Patent and novelty search
  • Filling of patents
  • Plan for Knowledge transfer to SME’s
  • Wikipedia page on the project results and its publishable results
  • Interim plan for use and dissemination of the knowledge
  • Final plan for use and dissemination of the knowledge

WP7 – Project management

  • Signed Consortium Agreement
  • Risk analysis


WP structure